One of the Most Exciting Safari Destinations in Africa

Uganda is fast becoming the exceptional ‘bucket-list’ safari experience for many travelers. The combined beauty of the land and the huge bio-diversity as well as its reinvigorated conservation awareness means Uganda has plenty on offer.

Visitors can hike to within a few meters of wild gorilla and chimpanzee. Observing these endangered creatures up-close in the wild is one of the world’s most unforgettable experiences. The excitement of coming within a few feet of them is simply surreal.

Uganda is one of the most exciting safari destinations in Africa. Its rich mosaic of rainforest, savannah, montane forests and wet-land habitats harbours an almost peerless diversity of large fauna.

The landscape is varied and lush; a wonderland for bird and animal aficionados alike. There are waterways and vast plains to explore with a faunal diversity only matched by places not yet accessible for safari goers.

It is fair to say a Uganda safari will take your breath away.

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Highlights of a Uganda Safari

Watching mountain gorilla, Uganda

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla trekking has to be one of the most awe inspiring wildlife adventures in the world.

Being just meters away from a silverback or to have baby gorillas romp around your feet is a surreal experience.

Somehow our ancient connection with these gentle giants comes to the fore and you feel like you belong in this place, that their deep, contemplative eyes have a wisdom that you can understand.

  • Wild chimp trek, plus spend a few days at a special tented camp on an island in the huge Lake Victoria, a chimpanzee sanctuary.
  • The famous tree-climbing lions of Queen Elizabeth National Park, elephants, hippos, crocs and countless new birds species.
  • Head out with expert guides to see lion, buffalo, zebra, elephant and a variety of birdlife.
  • Kidepo National Park is beautiful and offers a truly unspoilt wildlife area.
  • Extremely friendly people who welcome you with open arms.
  • The hotels and lodges are charming, belonging to a bygone era and the food is excellent.
Equator, Uganda

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